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Welcome to our blog. Our blog includes a range of articles providing business news, tips, and advice for companies in Malaysia. We provide research data on various topics for company registration, secretarial, account bookkeeping, financial audit and more.

Digital Corporate Secretarial Services in Malaysia

Challenges and Advantages of Digital Corporate Secretarial Services in Malaysia

Technology has penetrated almost every aspect of the corporate system, from accounting to product delivery and everything in between. Among […]

Financial Audit Services in Malaysia

The Importance of Financial Audit Services in Malaysia

There is a reason why the Malaysian government is quite strict in enforcing mandatory auditing. For one, it prevents tax […]

Empower Malaysia Women Entrepreneurs

4 Initiatives To Empower Malaysia Women Entrepreneurs in 2021

Nowadays, women are taking a more active role in contributing to the country’s economy by setting up their own companies […]

MM2H update 2021

Understanding the Changes in the MM2H Programme

The MM2H Programme was a popular visa scheme for foreigners in the past years, enabling them to reside in the […]

Malaysia Top Destination to Start a Business

Why Malaysia Remains as the Top Destination to Start a Business in 2021

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, Malaysia still keeps its strong economic position in the region due to beneficial […]

SMEs Go Digital by 2022

Malaysia’s Strategy to Help SMEs Go Digital by 2022

After the economic disruption caused by COVID-19, Malaysia shows rapid growth and signs of recovery. From the initial 4.2% global […]


6 Financing Options For Business Owners In Malaysia

The cost of establishing a business in Malaysia can be as high as hundreds to millions of ringgits. Business owners […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Company Secretarial Services

Hiring a corporate secretary is a legal requirement every registered Malaysian company needs to comply with. A company secretary can […]

Business Owners Need to Know Before Incorporating a Sdn Bhd

5 Essential Things Business Owners Need To Know Before Incorporating A Sdn Bhd

Establishing a company is an important step towards business development. Knowing the legal requirements to set up a private limited […]

Business Opportunities in Malaysia

5 Business Opportunities in Malaysia During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably endangered world trade, and Malaysia has not been able to escape the hit as well. […]