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6 Financing Options For Business Owners In Malaysia

The cost of establishing a business in Malaysia can be as high as hundreds to millions of ringgits. Business owners […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Company Secretarial Services

Hiring a corporate secretary is a legal requirement every registered Malaysian company needs to comply with. A company secretary can […]

Business Owners Need to Know Before Incorporating a Sdn Bhd

5 Essential Things Business Owners Need To Know Before Incorporating A Sdn Bhd

Establishing a company is an important step towards business development. Knowing the legal requirements to set up a private limited […]

Business Opportunities in Malaysia

5 Business Opportunities in Malaysia During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably endangered world trade, and Malaysia has not been able to escape the hit as well. […]

audit firms in Malaysia

How Personal Financial Habits Affect The Success Of A Business

Starting a new business can be an enthralling experience. However, setting up a sustainable business that stays in business for […]

Company Secretary in Malaysia Requirement

Requirements Of A Company Secretary In Malaysia

All registered businesses in Malaysia must appoint a corporate secretary. Company secretaries play a critical role in a company, and […]

Starting a Company in Malaysia As A Foreigner

A Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Company In Malaysia As A Foreigner

Since 2016, foreigners who are above eighteen years of age are permitted to register a company in Malaysia with complete […]


Guide To Register A Private Limited Company In Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s most common business structures is a limited liability company or company limited by shares. Malaysia’s limited liability […]

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7 Critical Roles And Responsibilities Of A Company Secretary In Malaysia

All companies incorporated in Malaysia must appoint at least one company secretary after setup, as required by the Companies Act […]

Company-Registration -in-Malaysia

A Beginner’s Guide To Company Registration Requirements In Malaysia

Malaysia offers various benefits to entrepreneurs and investors looking to set up a company in the country, including an attractive […]