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register a company online

There are almost 4.7 billion active internet users worldwide today, which account for nearly sixty per cent of the global population. Of this figure, more than ninety per cent accessed the internet through mobile devices.

Considering the numbers of internet users online, setting up an online store would give you various benefits, including business scalability, limitless freedom of access, low overhead with high margins, and the opportunity to access the global market. You can start an online e-commerce store in Malaysia with a low budget without renting a physical store.

Start Your Online Business in Malaysia in Just 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Decide your Product and its Selling Nature.

There are various types of online business available in Malaysia. Business owners need to identify an online business type that fits the products or services they offer. Here are some of the product and services categories:

  • Digital Products: Videos, e-books, audio files, games, etc.
  • Physical Products: Cosmetics, bags, phone accessories, etc.
  • Marketing Services: SEO, web designing, portfolio website, etc.
  • Others: Business owners who sell or resell other business products on a commission basis or sell items differently should mention the category accordingly.
    Before setting up an online business, business owners should first identify the purpose of their business setup. Moreover, preparing a robust business plan would help them start their business on the right track and increase their success chances.

    Step 2: Register the company name and business with SSM

    Business owners need to register their company or business with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) to legally carry out business activities. Before registering, they need to first choose a business entity.

    The following are some types of business entities in Malaysia:

  • Sole proprietorship: This is the most inexpensive and simplest form of business entity. It is owned solely by one individual since his or her liability is unlimited. Business owners can register their business under their name for RM 30 every year or register it under a trade name for RM 60 every year. Only Malaysian citizens or permanent residents are allowed to register for a sole proprietorship.

  • Partnership: This business entity is an extended version of a sole proprietorship with more than one owner. It consists of a joint entity holder with two or more people and a maximum of twenty members. Registration starts from RM 60 every year. Like a sole proprietorship, only Malaysian citizens or permanent residents can register for the partnership.

  • Company: Company provides a separate entity for the business. Unlike sole proprietorship and partnership, it has a more complicated Malaysia company registration process. Bestar Consulting can help business owners register a company in Malaysia correctly while compliant with the current regulatory requirements.

    Step 3: Build an Engaging Website

    Upon successful company registration Malaysia, the next step is to build an e-commerce website to make the business go live on multiple online platforms. Business owners can begin their venture by registering the corresponding domain name and email address and getting hosting.

    A domain name is the business main web address where customers can access it, such as companyname.my. After the business is successfully registered, business owners will receive a registration number or ID. They can use it to make their website more relevant, localised and credible.

    Creating an email address that ends with the domain name, such as support@yourdomain.my, helps build credibility and trust amongst the consumers.

    Step 4: Design the Website and Manage Content

    After hosting the domain name and email address, business owners can start designing their website with appropriate theme and navigation and upload content. The activation typically takes about one to two hours.

    Business owners should build a user-friendly website with simple but precise navigation to ensure the customers can easily navigate the website and would love to visit it repeatedly. Be sure to pay attention to the website design quality since it will affect its result in SERP or Search Engine Result Page. Business owners that do not have the expertise to design their website should outsource the work to professionals.

    Another factor business owners need to take note of is the website’s content and speed. Be sure the website contents are unique, offer value and not spammy. Use keywords appropriately across the content to rank well on Google. The site should also load quickly for the best user experience. Optimising the site for SEO regularly would help the website rank better on the search engine.

    Step 5: Start Promoting

    Upon successful business registration and website creation, business owners will get an e-commerce license in Malaysia. The license will help them promote and advertise their business via regular postings, social media marketing, paid advertisement, etc.