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Human Resource Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is important to have a human resource department in any of the business for the well-being of your employees no matter whether they are small or big. To do so an HR is required, the responsibilities of HR include payroll, hiring, and firing. Many start-ups and small businesses cannot afford HR because of their low budget or they do not have that much staff. An advantage of outsourcing your HR needs is that you will have a professional team that can take care of the needs accordingly, further, it is cost-saving too.

Human Resource Services in Malaysia

Bestar Consulting is best known as a human resource service company in Malaysia. We believe in providing the best human resource services; the services we provide include payroll services, employment contracts, recruitment, employee handbook, etc. Along with all the services we provide, we are also recognized in human resource consultation and human resource financial services.

Payroll Services

Having a human resource payroll service is the most common but important department for a company. One may feel that processing payroll is a complicated and time-consuming task to do, yes it is if you don’t have appropriate resources and professionals to help you out. The determination of employee wages and withholding taxes can be done with the help of this task. Also to updating vacation and sick pay and abstracting employee expenditures for welfares you can execute this process. Payroll can be easier with outsourcing services. Thus, we at Bestar Consulting can help you out in implementing a payroll system for you at an optimum value. Additionally, a payroll officer will be assigned to you who will help you, especially in your payroll needs. Run your business hassle-free by subcontracting your payroll needs.

Enlisting Employment Contract

As the name states, an employment contract is a written document that lays out the employment relationship between the employer and employee. The terms and conditions of employment in your company are clearly stated in the contract legally. Many of the employers ask, why is employment contract important? Well, it is most important because it provides security and surety to your employee with clearly defined commitments and agreement on all the term policies of the company. The contract includes information like a job description, hiring date, salary, and the relationship of employer-employee. All you need to do is, simply put on the agreement in front of your employee, once the agreement is signed it then holds the basis of the employment relationship.          

Company’s Employee Handbook

Rather than an employment contract, the other way of communication between employer and employee which is also important is an employee handbook. So, what it is? And why an employer needs to handle an employee handbook?

An employee handbook is a hand-written book that includes the procedures, working conditions, policies, and behavioral expectations of the employee by the employer, in a particular workplace. Further, the document states the employer’s expectations from an individual employee, it describes the legal commitments of the employer and the rights of employees in the workplace. Additionally, if an employee fulfills the expectations as mentioned in the comprehensive handbook then whatever the company will offer in the terms of a creative working environment is also listed in the handbook.

Performance Management     

Every employer would like to develop their employee so that the company can escalate with the help of better outcomes. Thus, having a well-executed performance management systems is important in which regular one-to-one meeting, performance evaluations, and underperformance management are carried out. These services can be concluded as the best human resources consulting services for small businesses. This process can be referred to as a continuing process between the manager and the employee.

It works as a foundation for employers if they are looking forward to the best performance of their employee as well as it boosts productivity and success. The process comprises of both oral and written components, it includes the setting of the objectives, creating goals, scrutinizing the overall results, and clear specific potentials. Carrying out this process regularly will assist you a lot in boosting up the performance of your employees, thus, you get a better outcome which results in escalating your business.

Termination of Employment

Whenever any firing process takes place in your company whether the firing is done on the spot or by serving an agreed notice period, it is the duty of the employer to present a reasonable cause or excuse behind the dismissal or termination of the respective employee. For termination, there are mainly two types of dismissals, one is direct dismissal, while the other one is constructive dismissal.

HR Consulting and Outsourcing Solution in Malaysia

Bestar Consulting is known all across in providing top quality experienced professionals HR services to our clients. Our services will develop your employee that indirectly leads to escalating your business.

HR Consultancy and Advisory Services Malaysia

Looking to move your business to the next level? All you need to do is, simply rely on the HR Consultancy services we appoint you a firm consisting of trained, skilled, and experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of structuring and running a business with guaranteed success. Though, our crew comprises of a vast range of professionals who already have years of experience in various business fields. So, the field in which your business lies we will appoint you an HR who has good experience in the same, thus, there will be no way of moving back.

Human Resources Recruitment Services

 Searching for an exceptional recruitment service for your company? Well, stop searching Bestar Consulting is here to help you out. We have a comprehensive network of professionals in every consulting services like taxation, secretarial, accounting, auditing, and so much more which build your business in such a manner to enhance it to the next level!