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human resource services

Human Resources (HR) Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you run a business, having a Human Resources (HR) department is important because it safeguards the well-being of your employees. They handle tasks related to recruitment of new employees, termination of a contract, and management of payroll. However, despite their importance, startup companies and small businesses cannot afford an HR department due to a lack of staff or budget. If such is the case, a cost-efficient solution is to outsource all HR needs and have a professional team handle HR tasks accordingly.

Human Resource Services in Malaysia

Our HR Services

Bestar Consulting offers impeccable human resource services in Malaysia. We strongly believe in providing only the highest quality of services to meet your business needs. Our services include drafting employment contracts, writing employee handbooks, supervising recruitment, and processing employee payroll. In addition, we also provide professional consultation and HR financial services.

Payroll Services

Payroll helps you keep track of your company’s taxes and other expenditures. Beyond that, It organizes your employees’ salary and benefits as well. It requires the responsibility of data gathering, computing, and evaluating. Although this process may be complicated and time-consuming, with the proper resources and a team of experienced professionals to guide you, this task will be simple to accomplish.

Bestar Consulting can help you implement an organized payroll system to manage your payroll activities. Additionally, we will assign a payroll officer to oversee the procedure and provide support when you need it.

Employment Contracts and Recruitment

A contract is a necessary document that is given to employees upon their employment. It contains information regarding the relationship of the employee to the employer, as well as specific terms and conditions for legal purposes.

Drafting a contract is important because it provides all parties involved with the added safety and security required to work accordingly. The employee’s job description, date of employment, and designation are clearly stated on the document. Upon signing, the employee is expected to strictly observe the agreed term policies issued by the company.

Bestar Consulting can draft employment contracts as well as provide recruitment services to help you find the best employees for your company.

Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is a comprehensive hand-written manual that spells out the company’s rules and regulations which the employee must abide by throughout the duration of his or her employment. It includes important information such as working conditions, behavioural expectations, procedures, and policies within the workplace setting. In addition, the book states the employer’s expectations from the employee and lays out the rights and responsibilities which the employee must fulfill.

If the employee satisfies all the conditions presented, the company can improve and enhance the terms of employment to benefit the employee.

Performance Management

A performance management system is put in place in order to help employees develop their skills to produce more advantageous outcomes for the company. Implementing this system may include regular one-on-one consultations, performance evaluations, and poor performance operations reviews. It also involves setting the main objectives, creating reasonable goals, and submitting a combination of written and oral components.

With this data, you can assess the results and maximize your employees’ potential. Our professional HR services allow us to boost employee productivity and develop their skills to enhance their outputs. As a result, we help them improve their overall performance so your business can achieve success.

Employment Termination

There are two forms of termination: direct and constructive. On the one hand, direct dismissal refers to the employer’s decision to terminate the contract. On the other hand, constructive dismissal refers to the employee’s resignation due to a breach of contract made by the employer.

When terminating an employee’s contract, you need to follow a particular process to ensure that all parties have a more concrete basis for this decision. Whether you decide to fire on the spot or extend the notice for a certain period, it is your duty as the employer to present a plausible cause for the employee’s dismissal.

HR Outsourcing Solutions

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge on structuring a business model and running a business. Our crew has amassed valuable experiences in the various fields of business, which means that they can comprehend your business needs and provide the necessary solutions specific to your business.