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hr outsourcing services malaysia

HR Consulting & Outsourcing Services in Malaysia

Your Human Resources department is in charge of recruiting new employees, evaluating their performance, and handling their payroll. They’re also responsible for protecting your employee’s well-being by providing the support that they need. That said, the HR department is very important to make sure that your business runs smoothly. However, the question is: who takes care of your HR team? Who can assist with all human resource concerns?

That’s where outsourcing comes into play. To support your HR department, you need to outsource HR services to oversee and manage them. At Bestar Consulting, we practice human capital management to deliver top quality services to guide your HR department.

HR Consulting and Outsourcing Company in Malaysia

The Importance of Outsourcing HR Service and Payroll

In recent years, the demand for outsourcing HR services has increased, especially for SMEs and startup companies. Outsourcing services help lessen the heavy load, reduce employment costs, streamline internal processes, and help businesses achieve their goals.

HR services provide valuable information regarding new rules and regulations issued by the government while aligning them with the best practices in human capital management. As a result, they offer incredible advantages to guarantee your company’s compliance while helping you maximize your potential by enhancing operational efficiency.

Advantages of HR Outsourcing

Other advantages of outsourcing HR consulting services include the following points:
  • Reduces Overall Cost

    HR consultants can perform all HR functions at a lower cost compared to hiring in-house HR. Hiring full-time HR personnel entails spending on regular training and paying monthly salary. On the other hand, when you outsource HR consultants, you are guaranteed expertise and experience while paying them at a package rate. As a result, outsourcing helps you reduce costs and save more money.

  • Guarantees Field Expertise

    HR Consulting firms have a team of already experienced professionals who have undergone proper education and training. They have an expansive background in creating timesheets, workflows, and managing payroll that you might not have prior experience with. By outsourcing their services, you can ensure that they will provide the best possible service to meet your company’s requirements.

  • Maximizes Resources

    Additionally, outsourcing removes the burden of HR and payroll obligations off your shoulders so you can allocate your time and resources to more important business aspects.

  • Keeps Company Compliant

    Following statutory rules can be demanding and overwhelming. Expert HR consultants can help you by implementing efficient HR systems and payroll schemes that abide by regulatory compliance while ensuring satisfactory results for your business.

How Our HR Services in Malaysia can Assist Your Business

Bestar Consulting houses many project specialists and HR experts who are wholeheartedly committed to delivering high-quality services for your company. These include:
  • Creating Employee Handbooks

    A handbook communicates all the company’s policies and ensures that all employees are knowledgeable about company culture and specific processes to create an optimal working environment.

  • Preparing Employment Contracts

    A contract is a written agreement between the employer and the employee that clearly states the job description, expectations, and compensation. It is necessary to build trust and encourage transparency between the two parties.

  • Assisting in Employee Registration

    A company needs to register to SOSCO, EPF, and IRBM, etc. in order to operate legally.

  • Managing Payroll

    Payroll is used to issue payslips, process leaves, and prepare the salary for all employees. This can be done on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the requirement of the company.

  • Submitting Statutory Compliances

    To comply with government regulations, a company needs to file official documents such as SOSCO, EPF, and taxes.

Other services we provide include: Recruiting and Terminating Employees, Applying for Income Tax, and Processing Year-End Requirements.

Ultimately, outsourcing HR management services reduces cost, saves time, and enhances the efficiency and productivity of your business.