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HR Consulting and Outsourcing Services in Malaysia

Every business holder agrees that a large portion of the total cost of business is allocated to the salaries of its employees, thus, one can say human resources play a vital role in the assets of the company too. At this point, everyone can notice, the human resources department is not a matter to be neglected, while it adds up a lot in the roles of the organization. But, who will be the responsible person to manage the human resource department? HR is the only one who can assist you in every problem related to human resources.

HR Consulting and Outsourcing Company in Malaysia

Bestar Consulting delivers you top quality HR who works on achieving your expectations from the human capital department. Further, HR outsourcing processes have boosted almost every business, especially new start-ups and SMEs, in present they have more than ever before. As we all know, uncertainty in business always challenges business growth, on the other hand, increment in government bureaucracy and new rules and regulations has turned many more hassles in the human capital department.

Due to such hassles coming into existence, day-by-day more and more businesses are looking for turning to HR outsourcing in Malaysia or HR outsourcing solutions so that the workload gets lighten and assists them in managing the human resources of the company. Nowadays these services have become the popular way for several companies with the aspect of reduction in operating costs, internal streamline processes, and focus on core values and achievements of the business.

Why does a company need outsourcing HR and payroll?    

In this hectic marketplace, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement are the most commonly talked topics all across the world. Every organization is looking further to achieve all the opportunities that reduce the overall operational costs and enhance the efficiency of the business at its finest. An outsourcing HR can provide your company both the advantages i.e. cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Benefits of HR outsourcing companies for small businesses and more:

  • HR consultants are often able to perform the company’s HR function at a lower cost, thus there is a drastic cost reduction in opting for outsourced HR rather than opting for in-house HR.
  • Companies can focus on their core values and increase their productivity by engaging departmental heads and managers to the main business function, besides focus on HR management and payroll services.
  • To gain expertise crew around the local and compliance HR issues, that expertise will ensure better satisfaction in employee relationships between employer and employee.
  • In-house HR is not at all specialized, further, he/she may have never worked as an HR earlier, thus, you can get a specialized HR expertise who cares about the errors in services like payroll, timesheets, leave, compensation, etc. Along with all the services it makes your marketplace hassle-free which boosts up your business at gigantic heights.
  • One can get speed up responses regarding the enrollment, payroll, and regulatory compliance that lays on the behalf of the company. Additionally, you can get technological benefits.

Thus, performing HR management outsourcing reduces time, reduces costs, and enhances the efficacy of the company. Not only have this, but HR can assist you in making decisions about which function to retain and which function should be outsourced many holds on talent management, succession planning, recruiting planning, administration benefits, and other tasks to third-party vendors.

How our services of HR Consulting and Outsourcing Solution in Malaysia will assist you in your business?

Bestar Consulting comprises several projects specialists and outsources specialists, who wholeheartedly work in achieving a better niche for your company all across, the sampling of services are mentioned below:

  • Setup staff handbook: A staff handbook will always keep you reminding the numerical figures of the staff your company consists of, along with that it includes day-to-day arriving and departing of every employee. Moreover, their work status and benefits are also noted down in the staff handbook.
  • Prepare an employment contract: Without an employment contract, your employee would not come to know about the rules and regulations of your company. It builds official trust between an employer and an employee.
  • Employee registration: Register company with relevant authorities, including IRB, EPF, SOSCO, etc.
  • Payroll management: Issue pay slips, prepare direct credit salary, processes error-free payroll, and prepares weekly/bi-weekly/monthly payroll as per the requirement.
  • Statutory compliance: EPF, SOSCO, Submission, & Tax calculation
  • Hiring and terminating staff
  • Apply for individual income tax file number
  • Year-End processing: Preparation of annual payroll register will be done including every information.

Overall, it is better to outsource rather than opting in-house.