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Payroll Services

Payroll Processing Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Generally, payroll processing is done monthly in Malaysia. It administers payslips, employee records, statutory contributions, tax deduction, and mandatory and optional benefits. Through payroll, transactions can be made between the employer and employee to transfer payments such as salary, bonuses, wages, and withholding taxes. A company can decide whether to do this in-house or hand the task to a reputable accounting and consulting firm. Bestar Consulting offers comprehensive payroll services including creating timesheets and performance sheets, accurately calculating wages, paychecks, and tax payments.
Payroll Services

Our Payroll Services

Our professionals are equipped with the proper training and expansive experience to manage all your payroll needs. Through our services, we ensure that everything is in accordance with government regulations: we pay EPF on time and file tax requirements as deemed necessary. All the information about the company and its members will be kept confidential. Additionally, we have acquired the latest payroll system to accommodate even the most complex accounts, so you can rest assured that we’ll provide only the best quality service at the best price.
  • (Active Company) monthly payroll services: RM 100 per employee
  • Salary payment every month: RM 100 per employee
  • Form EA preparation and submission: RM 200 per employee
  • Form CP21 preparation and submission: RM 200 per employee
  • Form E preparation and submission: RM 300
  • Application for EPF: RM 300
  • Application for SOSCO: RM 300
  • Application for EIS: RM 300
  • Application for PCB (online): RM 300
  • Application for HRDF: RM 400
  • Payroll Setup: RM 300
  • Bank Account Setup: RM 700
  • Monthly payment submission for SOSCO, EPF, and PCB: FREE (if and only if you’re engaged with Bestar Consulting’s other services)

NOTE: Each service is subjected to a 6% service charge. We provide the payslip, payroll report, and the necessary application forms for each service. For employees who have been dismissed, inform us immediately to prepare and file tax and payment clearance. We will not be held liable for tax clearance to IRBM.

How Does Our Payroll Services Work?

After contacting Bestar Consulting, we will assign an officer to oversee all aspects related to payroll. Based on the documents you’ve submitted, the payroll officer will organize all the information and identify the requirements needed by your company. Then, he/she will create a payroll ledger and frequently update it as needed to keep data on the track. Upon your request, the officer can also pay and submit taxes on your behalf. The officer’s responsibilities include:
  • EPF Registration and timely payments on a monthly basis
  • Form EA Issuance (for the purposes of personal tax filings and statutory income tax returns)
  • Salary bank transfer payments
  • Salary Calculation (to be done either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly)

We Accommodate Companies of All Sizes

Whether you own a small company or a big corporation, we can handle all your payroll needs efficiently and effectively. Here’s how:
  • We have an updated software to maintain payroll data accurately.
  • We are precise in our transactions.
  • We keep all records accounted for to avoid any errors and provide complete
  • transparency to all members of the organization.

Why Payroll Outsourcing Services is the Solution for You

As business owners, we know how demanding your job can get. By engaging our payroll services, we can lift some of the burdens off your shoulders and minimize your heavy workload. We’ll handle all your payroll obligations by implementing a hassle-free payroll system, so you can devote more time to accomplish more important tasks of your company.