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Immigration Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As one of the thriving economies in Asia, Malaysia has become a top destination where foreign businesses expand to and invest in. As such, foreigners have to go through the rigorous immigration process before proceeding to do activities in the country.
Immigration Services

How We Can Assist You with Immigration

Bestar Consulting has a team of highly experienced Malaysian Immigration specialists. We can assign an officer to help resolve any concerns related to immigration you may have. In turn, they will assist you in meeting all immigration requirements by developing a realistic immigration plan.

We are continually enhancing our services and programs to guarantee only the best immigration support to all our clients.

Our Immigration Services

We are known as one of the most reliable immigration agencies in Malaysia. The services we provide are:
  • Application for Employment Pass in Malaysia
  • Attainment of Professional Visit Pass in Malaysia (PVP)
  • Acquisition of Residence Pass in Malaysia (RP-T)
  • Assistance in Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme

We Offer Visa Consultation

Many people who migrate abroad must satisfy the sanctioned criteria and submit mandatory documents. While the process may be complex, Bestar Consulting offers visa consultation and migration plans to guide you throughout the procedure so that you can migrate hassle-free. When necessary, our group of experts can also apply and procure a permanent resident card as well.

Bestar Consulting is your one-stop solution to all your immigration needs.