professional visit pass malaysia

Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

In Malaysia, foreigner’s coming to build up their business with all necessary requirements as asked by rules, with qualified professionals and super skilled person have to get, this very important Malaysia professional visit pass. It is valid up to minimum 12 months, as Professional visit pass Malaysia checklist is a temporary card. As to enter in Malaysia you have to contract service with an organization in Malaysia.

professional visit pass malaysia

Issuance of this visit pass can be done if and only if the immigrant is from foreign who has professional qualifications and skills. Foreign talent can enter the country and provide the services and undergo practical training with any of the Malaysian companies on behalf of an overseas company temporarily. The duration of this PVP is up to 12 months. An additional advantage of this scheme is that the foreign worker residing over here remains employed by their company in their home country, and that truly makes this pass worthy. If required then extensions can be applied on this visa, but the application can be made after a break of three months after the first 12 month period gets expired. The extension you get is again of 12 months only. If you are willing to have an extension then a new application should be made.

A foreigner, who wants to enter in Malaysia with all availability to his company, gets a PVP issued to him with desired professional qualification and specialist skills, who is entering in Malaysia have to take up his professional work for a short term period of not beyond within 12 months. When you are issuing for this application, you must be outside the Malaysia. Then only it is called to be valid for you to enter through visit pass professional Malaysia.

Works that can be allowed to be done in Malaysia may help you to qualify professional visit pass Malaysia process:

  • It can be professor or lecturer or speaker
  • It can be researcher or assistant researcher
  • Or else technical advisor
  • Or else consultant
  • It can be the one who does installing and fixing of machines and equipment
  • Maintenance expert of machines and equipments

Let us know about how much Professional visit passes Malaysia cost! For every quarter it costs RM 90 to RM 360 only with the durability of one year.

How you can enter PVP in Malaysia!

  • Before you apply, check once that your company is eligible or not for professional visit pass.
  • From where you will get application? You can apply it on the website ESD, login your account there and submit your application.
  •  Available only for 12 months, works accurately.

An expatriate is only permitted to work with its organization as stated in the pass. Beside all this, the PVP holders are not permitted to apply for dependent purposes passes for his/her family members.