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Taxation services Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Like other countries, Malaysia does have a tax system. The taxation service in Malaysia runs in accordance with the calendar year, which starts on 1 January and ends on 31 December. The rule for this process is that all tax income must be completed and returned before 30 April of the subsequent year. Other than personal income tax, there are 4 other taxes in Malaysia, namely property tax, corporate tax, road tax, and consumption tax. Let us explore more about tax services in Malaysia.

Taxation Services

Planning services and corporate tax    

Tax is one of them, to be an expected part of the business. The improper or inadequate handling of tax issues can impact such that it may lack the development of your company, which can devastate you as well as your company. In this planning service, corporate tax compliance is one of the important works to be done to maintain your time, managements, costs, and efforts you made. At Bestar Consulting, we provide tailored tax compliance services to meet all needs of your business, let it be an independent tax compliance review, or a specific technical recommendation, or an entirely outsourced tax, which will help you to focus more on your business and makes you hassle-free.

Goods and services tax (GST)

This tax was introduced in April 2015. GST refers to the tax for goods and services which is the value-added tax (VAT), in Malaysia. GST in Malaysia by 6% has been implemented to substitute it with a consumption tax that comprises the service tax and the sales tax (SST). It is the charge made on the supply of service and goods at each stage of the supply series begins from the supplier up to the retail phase of the distribution. Moreover, GST is easier to administer in the outlook of its self-policing method. Furthermore, GST was expected to increase tax compliance.

Certificate of residence, in Malaysia 

In such a welcoming country Malaysia, you have to welcome yourself with a certificate of residence (COR), which is an official document issued by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM) to make sure that the taxpayer is the occupant in Malaysia for the tax purposes. The reason for issuance of the COR is to facilitate the taxpayer [that is the tax occupant in Malaysia] to obtain the benefit of the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA), which is going to be more beneficial, rather than paying twice for the same income by the treaty of country. There is a valid date for the approval of COR in Malaysia; within 12 months from the endorsement date and then if your current COR is expired you must give with an application for COR, or when there is a demand made by the client from the treaty of country.

Income tax filling       

An income tax is a tax obligatory on financial income generated by the individuals or all unities with their jurisdiction. You must be aware of income tax filing to determine that you owe any taxes or are eligible for any tax refund. Every business or individual in Malaysia must file their return every year. In other words, if your income is earned from Malaysia, then you are accountable to return your file annually.  Income tax is one of the key sources of funds that the government uses to the financial support activities as well as help to serve the public.

Withholding Tax services in Malaysia     

Like in many other countries, including Malaysia also imposes withholding tax on certain payments those who are the non-occupants, withholding tax is the amount that represents the tax portion of the income of the non-resident recipients, withheld by the payer in Malaysia and it is directly paid to the IRBM. In short, withholding tax is the way to collect tax from certain non-occupant in Malaysia. The main aim of collecting withholding tax is to believe the royalty, interest, contract payments, and special classes of income made to non-occupants.


Stamp duty is a tax imposed on the written documents specifies in the First Schedule of Stamp Duty Act in 1949. Documents must be stamped within 30 days of its execution, especially if it is executed in Malaysia. It provides the convenience of stamping documents in a stress-free manner.

Tax Clearance Application

As the name says, Tax clearance letter (Surat Penyelesaian Cukai, SPC), it is a certificate or a letter from IRBM that will show about tax done by any taxpayer. The tax Clearance letter is applied to both Malaysians and foreign workers.