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Corporate Tax Compliance & Planning Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The process of tax liability is shifted to the taxpayers, under the self-assessment system issued by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) of Malaysia. According to IRB taxpayers, they must compute their tax liabilities based on tax laws, guidelines, and rules. Further, the tax returns submitted don’t hold too long as subject to detailed review regarding IRB. Besides, it would be deemed as notices of assessment that are to be served to the respective taxpayer.

Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services

Many companies are worried about their income tax and corporate tax planning, and somehow they manage it, while some of them are not able to comply properly with their tax planning. Thus, it may result in a very high financial risk to your company. Not only have this but it also results in numerous financial penalties, possible increase in tax charges, and serious risk to the stakes of your business. It will also damage the reputation of your brand name and the taxpayer.

For competing in the market, you have to be much concise about the core activities and competencies that work in escalating the value of your company. Thus, having a professional tax consultant can assist you a lot in corporate tax compliance & corporate tax planning, which also escalates the value of your company. Well, you don’t have to bother much about choosing a perfect tax consultant as Bestar Consulting is always here for our beloved clients.

Our experienced and competent professionals will manage your tax compliance obligations in a way that you don’t have to be worried about it, and you can focus on the other values of your business. We’ll work with you closely and keep you updated about every corporate tax planning and management we implement and take into consideration the welfare of your company. Bestar Consulting provides the best packages for tax planning for companies. Packages fee for company tax services:

  • Annual Filling of Income Tax Return Forms Package (Dormant Company): RM 500
  • Annual Filling of Income Tax Return Forms Package with tax planning to minimize your tax liability (Active Company): RM 1,000
  • Filling of Estimate of Tax Payable CP204: RM 300/submission, Free-if you engage with anyone of the annual packages
  • Statement of monetary and non-monetary incentive payment to an agent, dealer, or distributor: RM 500
  • Registration of Income Tax Number and E-Pin number (if required): RM 400

Every package is subjected to 6% service tax, extra charges are applicable if you ask our assistance to prepare provisional income tax computation for tax payable.

The package we provide includes: 

  • Review of tax computation which is used to determine the company’s tax position
  • Filling of forms: C / C1 / PT / TA / TC / TR or TN
  • Free filling of tax payable CP204
  • To support tax returns preparation of appendices and working sheets are done
  • Advising on the payment If any tax payable is to be made
  • Reminders of deadlines via call or email
  • Updates latest Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory developments

Note: If any queries are raised by tax authorities, then to reply over there extra charge is conducted the charge depends upon the complexity of your query.