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corporate tax planning

Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When running a business in Malaysia, one of the most important elements is tax compliance. Ever since the imposed system based on self-assessment, businesses are expected to compute their own tax liabilities based on the current tax guidelines set forth by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRBM). As such, it has become more challenging for businesses to observe tax compliance as they now have to take responsibility for the following:

  • Estimating the company’s taxable position in advance,
  • Monitoring the tax position within the current financial year while making necessary adjustments to avoid underestimating and getting penalized, and;
  • Ensuring that the company’s accounting systems can meet the demanding requirements of the Self-Assessment System.

Now, on top of managing the operations, meeting business objectives, and satisfying the customers, business owners have the added task of correctly computing their company’s tax liability and paying the taxes on time.

While some companies handle this responsibility well, others might have a harder time. To avoid making unnecessary mistakes and causing financial damage to your company, you should have a professional tax consultant to assist you with corporate tax compliance and corporate tax planning.

Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services

In doing so, you can prevent incurring financial penalties (such as an increase in tax charges) that may negatively affect your business. Hiring a financial consultant can also elevate your company’s value by removing some load off of your shoulders so you can focus on honing your company’s core competencies.

Why Choose Us for Tax Planning and Compliance Services?

Bestar Consulting ensures that we give our clients the best quality service they need to grow their business and achieve success.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals will handle all your tax obligations, so you can concentrate on expanding your business. We’ll work closely with you and constantly provide progress reports throughout the planning process. We’ll also consider your company’s welfare to deliver a systematic and strategic corporate tax management scheme that fits your needs.

Our Tax Planning and Compliance Services Package

We provide comprehensive and affordable packages for your company’s tax planning. Our packages include:

  • Annual Filing of Income Tax Return (Dormant Company): RM 500
  • Annual Filing of forms on Tax Return (inclusive of tax planning for Active Companies): RM 1,000
  • Filling of Form CP204 (Tax Estimate Form): RM 300/submission
  • Statement of incentive payment (non-monetary and monetary): RM 500
  • Tax Number Registration and E-Pin number Application (optional): RM 400

NOTE: Each of our packages is subjected to an additional 6% service fee. Extra charges may apply if you request further assistance on provisional tax computation for the purpose of tax payable.

Our package also includes the following:

  • Determining the company’s tax status through tax computation review
  • Form Filling:
  • Filling of Form CP204
  • Preparation of Worksheets and appendices for tax return purposes
  • Consultation on tax payable payments
  • Deadline reminders through email or via phone call
  • Providing timely Advisory Updates and Corporate Tax Compliance

NOTE: If tax authorities raise any queries, an extra charge may be applied depending on the level of difficulty for the inquiry.