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Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As we all know the taxation process in Malaysia keeps on fluctuating time-to-time, thus, keeping it updated with the necessary regulations isn’t an easy task to do for one. Many peoples in Malaysia are stuck on hours on complying them with the multitude array of taxes, it would take you less time if you are holding on a business. Looking for a way that lets you get rid of the tension of your taxes and make it easier? Bestar Consulting wholeheartedly welcomes you! We provide Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services so that our clients do not have to bother much about the taxes and its rules and regulations.

Corporate Tax Planning and Tax Advisory Services

To provide you with the best services in Malaysia, we have a group of experienced professionals. All of them are specialized in accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation. Further, they believe in and follow the practices to the specific need of clients’ on resolving their tax-related issues. Not only do they assist you in tax-related services, but they also provide various services like avoiding financial loss due to tax, brief clients on complex tax methods, minimizes task penalty risks, and so much more. All you need to this, simply rely on the professionals for settling taxes on your behalf on time and offer you eminence advice on handling taxes. Additionally, Bestar Consulting tax planning and advisory firms offer you a wide range of services like:

Tax Compliance Matters

Tax planning and advisory firms are well trained and experienced to handle personal tax with business or with employment income (Form B, Form BE), partnerships (Form P), and personal taxes for non-residents (Form M).

If you are from the one who is new to the country, then it would be more challenging for you to gather information about the taxation rules in Malaysia, thus we advise you to consult a firm that can assist you with the updated rules and regulations. Make sure the firm you select must register, file, and prepare the necessary documents at the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) on your behalf. Along with all this stuff, they must also handle tax computation. If you are running a company, then the tax advisory firm who is working on your behalf must fill the Form C or Company’s annual tax return with the necessary information.

Form CP204 will be filled on your company’s behalf for tax estimation purposes, 30 days before the basis period. Thus, if any correction or revision is needed in Form CP204 then it’s the duty of your firm to handle it.

Tax Investigation and Field Audit

The bigger your business grows, the more complicated the tax process you face. Under the Sales and Service Tax (SST) Malaysia act, tax investigations are launched randomly just with the aspect to suspect the present tax evaders, anyhow you have to be prepared as during the investigation random samples are collected as well. The investigation can be done across anyone who is subjected to pay tax. At the time of the investigation, the respective authority will check your audit accounts at first, they’ll ask some questions, whether they can drop you till your office or home. Therefore, be precise to settle your taxes timely and accurately.

If the investigator finds something unusual or put on a suspect on you, then it may lead you to pay tax penalties, further, they can imprison you. It depends upon the severity of the irregularity you have done. Our firm will keep settling your taxes timely and accurately, to avoid the maximum risks of penalties. Additionally, the firm will assist you in business tax advisory.

Other Services

The services we offer do more than just settling the taxes, they are capable of managing company allowance, Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT), retirement scheme, GST advisory services, and so much more.

As we discussed not settling your taxes without a reasonable excuse may lead you to face imprisonment and heavy penalties, moreover it will state your business or brand as guilty in front of others which takes down your overall value. Taxes build the nation by providing the utmost facilities to its people. Further, taxes are needed to fund other common resources of the country.

We understand your difficulty in calculating and adequately paying the taxes. That’s why Bestar Consulting recommends you to opt for a corporate tax planning and tax advisory service provider who can help you throughout until you are a taxable resident.