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sales and service tax Malaysia

Sales and Services Tax (SST) Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From the 1st of September 2018, the Sales and Services Tax (SST) was implemented in Malaysia as a replacement for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) supervised by the Royal Malaysia Customs Department.
Sales and services tax (SST) service in Malaysia

The SST is composed of two main elements. The first one is a service tax imposed on any taxable service offered by any taxable person living in Malaysia as a means to operate and grow their business. The second element refers to the sales tax charged on locally-produced or imported manufactured goods, applied either during importation or during which the goods were sold.

The standard rate of the SST stands at 6% for Service Tax and 10% for Sales Tax. Other businesses, however, follow either the reduced rate or zero rates.

  • Service Tax Exemptions
    Service providers in the finance sector (i.e., banks) have a fixed rate of RM 25 per annum. Additionally, other B2B service providers are exempted from paying service tax.
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
    Businesses that handle essentials such as pharmaceutical products, basic food, and steel are exempted from SST with a 0% tax rate. Other goods that deal with technology, such as printers and mobile phones, follow a lower SST rate of 5%.

Bestar Consulting: Your One-Stop Taxation Services Provider

Paying taxes is one of your obligations as a business owner. You need to make sure that you pay the right amount at the right time. Otherwise, you will be penalized. So, to avoid losing money over missed taxes, you can hire professional help to guide you through the process, thereby protecting you and your business from unnecessary losses. Bestar Consulting is your one-stop-solutions provider to help you manage your taxes.

How We Can Help You?

1. SST Registration

To be eligible for SST registration, your business needs to acquire a minimum threshold of RM 500,000 per annum.

If you meet the requirements, you can register online via my website. If you’re already registered under GST, the system will automatically change your registration to SST. Businesses that do not meet the criteria and are considered exempt from registration can opt for voluntary registration.

To help you with the registration procedure, our services include:
  • SST Registration in Malaysia
  • SST Re-Registration in Malaysia
  • Checking of SST Notifications for particular businesses in Malaysia

2. SST Consultation

A. SST Payments and Return Submissions
B. SST Offenses and Penalties

With the Sales Bill 2018 in place, tax offenders and accomplices of tax evaders will be penalized and fined 10 or 20 times the amount of the SST rate given. If the accused is proven guilty, the individual will face up to five years in prison in addition to the penalty of paying the fine. If the person is found to be a double offender, the penalty and fine will also be doubled, which may increase by 200%. Similarly, the offender may face up to seven years of jail time.

SST Services Package and Fee

Our company’s SST tax services are designed to comply with business tax regulations and advisory needs, which include:

  • SST Registration – RM 600
  • SST Review and Filing – RM 750
  • E-filing – FREE

NOTE: All services rendered have an additional 6% service fee.