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Sales and services tax (SST) service in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What is sales and Service tax in Malaysia?

The SST has two elements that are –

This is the service tax that is charged and levied on taxable services, which is provided by any taxable person in the Malaysia, for the course and forwardness of business, and another is the single stage levied on the bring in and locally manufactured goods, this are implied either when the importation of the goods or these goods are sold out.

Sales and services tax (SST) service in Malaysia

Package Fee for the SST Services

  • Availability of package E-filling services – Fee RM is subjected up to 6% of service tax and this is free.
  • Availability of package, SST registration – From RM600
  • Availability of package, SST fillings and reviews – From RM750

E-filling is only provided if you have engaged with our monthly bookkeeping services.

The implementation of GST services has brought the new version of ‘Sales and Services tax Malaysia’ in the visibility.

Under the Service Tax Act of 2018, (which was effected on 1 Sep, 2018), Service Tax is a consumption tax levied on taxable services where the rate of the tax is by 6%. It is single-stage tax charged one time by the service provider and for the services there will be no input or availability of Sales and service exemption Malaysia mechanism for tax. On the other hand, the new Sales Tax stands by 0%, 5%, or 10% respectively.

Bestar Consulting – your-one-stop-shop

Tax is one of the important things to be covered, along with building your blocks in business. So, to cover your unnecessary lose in taxes, you need professionals to guide you and protect your business from that huge lose, and also helps to grow your business further. As, such business should be notify with tax risks and find ways to moderate them. Bestar Consulting have come up with fully prepared to satisfy your needs.

How we can help you: 

1. SST Registration

The introduction of SST has requisite that a business having minimum threshold of RM500, 000 a year have to register for the SST Malaysia registration. You have to do SST registration online via mySST system whether you are occupied with both GST and non-GST registered person. In mySST system, it is set in such a manner that you will be auto-approved within 24 hours for the GST registrants. Moreover, it does not take much longer registration time, if a verification process is required. For the person who is exempted from registration or the business that does not reach to the minimum threshold have the opportunity to have voluntary registration. Under the new tax authorities, the one who exist with GST do not need to apply for re-registration but they have to submit the final GST return in the 120 days. (From the Sales and Service tax Malaysia Act being repealed).

Our services: 
  • Registration for SST in Malaysia
  • Re-registration for GST or SST in Malaysia
  • How to check SST notification for a particular business in Malaysia

2. SST Consulting services

A. Sales and Service Tax (SST) return submission and payments – As every tax, here also you deserve return, so all manufacturers and persons that who have registered with SST have allowance to file for SST returns on a bi-monthly basis, according to taxable period. Your submission can be confirmed electronically or by a post to SST processing centre.

B. Sales and Services Tax (SST) penalties and offences in Malaysia – The Sales bill 2018, tax offenders have given stiffer penalties and stipulated hefty. Any particular person who offend the tax and help others to evade tax risks are being fined to pay 10 times or 20 times more than the specific amount of sales tax given. If it is proved that the tax offender is guilty up to a limit, then he has to face up to 5 years of his life behind the bars, while he can also be introduced by both the penalties. If any individual who repeats to offend tax, and then he is deep in the water, to revive him form that situation, he has to pay fine up to 20 times more sales tax and even it can increase to 40 times more, optionally may be have to go behind the bars for up to 7 years.

But you should not get in trouble like that if you join the services provided by Bestar Consulting. Our company’s SST tax services are designed to meet your business tax compliance and advisory needs.