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venture capital investor

Why Venture Into Malaysia?

To its credit, the Malaysian government has taken proactive steps to revolutionise the business landscape through pro-enterprise initiatives. This includes liberalising the services sector and improving human capital. It also succeeded in branding itself as an open economy, with average GDP growth of five percent in the past decade. Despite some unforeseen hiccups, Malaysia’s economy continues to expand as investors are attracted to its high-caliber infrastructure, educated workforce with a strong command of English, and competitive labour and operating costs. Malaysia boasts of a robust economy and is well-positioned to become the gateway to Southeast Asia as it continues to offer ways to lure tech investors away from their usual destinations, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. In the region, it trails only Indonesia and Thailand in terms of total gross domestic product.
Venture Capital Investor

Venture Capitalists (VC)

A venture capitalist or VC provides capital to startups and companies that show a potential for growth. Essentially, the VC is the fundraiser to help realise your concept from the blueprint to real-world applications. In recent years, Malaysia’s tech industry is accelerating at a rapid pace as part of the nation’s first-world aspirations by 2025. Malaysia’s venture capital investments are quickly moving up the value chain after attracting consistent inflows, both domestic and regional. Startups, however, face intense pressure to deliver results to investors and shareholders, and this may ultimately impact their overall valuation.

List of Venture Capital Firms in Malaysia

Hereby are the list of some of the venture capitalist firms which we can connect you with:
  • Cradle
  • PlatCom
  • Teraju Superb
  • ODI
  • MaGIC
  • MyNEF
  • Finnext
  • 1337 Accelerator
  • TH Capital

Here Are Some Of The Considerations To Choose Suitable VC For Your Company:

  1. Geography: If your startup HQ is in Malaysia, find a VC nearby so you can contact them anytime as needed. You may do some research and find out which companies are ideally suited to fill your requirements.

  2. Sectors: Each VC typically has respective specialties where they put in their investments. Getting them on board not only gives you the capital you need, but their expertise in the arena will prove invaluable to your success.

  3. Involvement: High-engagement by the VC can be both beneficial and disadvantageous, depending on the level of involvement. It is always a balancing act on how much power you are willing to yield. Do not simply target a VC firm to raise funds, but rather target the ideal investor for your type of company.

  4. Fund Size: The fund size represents the level of exposure the VC has to your company. But keep in mind that VC companies typically spread their investments to 10-30 companies. Your ability to succeed in later rounds hinges on your ability to deliver results.

Our Services

Bestar Consulting can help ease your transition as you move your company to Malaysia. We can provide you with venture capital services, such as:

— Help design a more attractive proposal

— Identifying potential backers

— Cut through the red tape in submitting documents

— Comply with the laws and regulations

— Facilitate the process for faster approval

Contact us today for a no-obligations discussion for your company’s move to Malaysia. We can provide you with business-related and administrative services for a smoother transition.