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Why Choose Bestar Consulting?

Whether you are launching a startup or a multinational company looking to stamp your footprint in Malaysia, everything starts with the business license. Operating without the certification from the state or federal government will result in stiff fines and severe penalties.

We are a business consultancy firm that offers expert advice and guidance for new ventures across Malaysia. Our core selling point is finding creative solutions for our clients looking to explore new opportunities, navigating through the bureaucracy, and understanding all the intricacies associated with starting and running a business.

We provide a gamut of cost-effective and efficient services from our team of specialists who consistently deliver exceptional results.

  • Guaranteed exemplary service and value

    Our services are tailored to fit the needs of each client. We will analyze and assess your current organizational problems and then craft an actionable strategy to improve your systems and process. We value your trust in us with quick and efficient delivery of results.

  • We have the talents

    Our team members are handpicked because of their integrity, knowledge, and their ability to improvise on the spot. They are all familiar with the rules and regulations governing your type of business.

  • Responsive

    As soon as you are on board with Bestar Consulting, you will be assigned with a dedicated team whom you can reach out to 24/7. You can expect a prompt reply through a phone call, text messages, or email should you have any questions or concerns.

  • No extra charges

    We are very transparent about our rates. We do not have any hidden fees to surprise our clients later on when we send over our billing. You will be informed of any anticipated future fees in case there are any.

  • Fast and Efficient

    Over the years, we have a vast network of consultants, experts, and contacts who helped develop a dynamic system for us to guarantee quick delivery of service. We cut through the technical red tape like a knife to butter, but still within the legal confines set by the regulators.

  • One-Stop Services

    Apart from business registration, we also offer an array of corporate services, such as bookkeeping and accounting, tax compliance and filing, human resource consulting, HR advisory services, and payroll processing, among others.


    After helping you set up, we can also offer support, consultancy, and management of some of your administrative services. In this way, you can focus on your core service to expand your operations, deliver customer satisfaction, and boost your profits.

Starting and running a business in Malaysia can be overwhelming. But it does not have to be that way. Partner with Bestar Consulting today.